ACT Math – Math Basics Quiz

Parents – Does your high schooler need to take the ACT in the near future?

Or did she/he take it already but did not do well on the Math portion of the test?

Does she/he not know where to start to study for it?

CollegeGuide4Parents created 7 free Math quizzes to help students quickly identify the Math skills they need to work on.

The quiz on this page, the ACT Math Basics Quiz, is the first one and focuses on fundamentals learned before beginning high school.

It is very short. Encourage your child to take it. Don’t hesitate to try it yourself. It is free, and there is no way for us to know who took the test!


ACT Math Basics QUIZ

Students: Take our Math Basics Quiz to make sure you are ready to study for the ACT. It is only 10-questions long.

CollegeGuide4Parents created a set of 7 quizzes to help you focus on the math concepts you will need to do well on the ACT. However, some students who have difficulty in math may first need to review some basics. To be sure you are ready, take the quiz below.

How does it work? The Math Basics Quiz consists of 10 questions. Answer as many as you feel comfortable doing so and click on Correct my quiz. You will get a page (that you can print) that will show, for each incorrect response, your answer, the correct answer and the section to review. There is a lot of websites out there explaining math concepts, and the post “ACT Math – Math Basics Review” will direct you to online resources for each of the section you should review. You can retake the quiz when you are ready to work on the questions you skipped.


Note: Want to the review before finishing the quiz? Go to post “ACT Math – Math Basics Review.”



Math Basics Quiz

Question\ 1.\ Simplify\ 4^3 - 16 \div 4 + 4

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ACT Math – Math Basics Review

ACT Math Review - Math Basics

The ACT Math – Math Basics Review page focuses on the math basics required prior to studying for the ACT Math test. Students struggling in math should make sure they are comfortable with the basic concepts presented on this page. A quick way to do it is for them, to take the ACT Math – Math Basics Quiz. If they miss some of the questions, no need to worry. The online resources listed below are all the refresher they will need.

Note: Go to the tools to check other review pages or quizzes.


Math Basics Review Topics


Order of Operations

Khan Academy – video (4:26)

Purplemath – includes 13 corrected examples

Math Goodies – lesson, corrected examples and interactive exercises

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