ACT Math – Pre-Algebra Quiz

Parents – Did you know that the questions on the ACT Math test vary greatly in difficulty? 20 to 25% of the questions are on concepts learned in Junior High while a few very hard questions test concepts students learn in Algebra II and Trigonometry classes

Your child may be thinking that there is no need to study before taking the ACT or worrying that there is too much to review. In reality, preparing for it will increase your child’s score by several points, and CollegeGuide4Parents can help speed up the process.

CollegeGuide4Parents’ Math tools allow students to quickly identify her/his weaknesses and direct them to online educational resources offering a clear explanation of the concepts as well as examples.

If your child takes the 30-question Pre-Algebra quiz on this page, he/she will get a customized report showing the topics she/he should work on. CollegeGuide4Parents’ Pre-Algebra review page list links for will take her/him directly to online providing links to reputable educational websites where she/he will find the information needed.

The easiest Math questions on the ACT represent 20 to 25% of the Math portion of the test.

Your child learned the skills necessary to do well on these questions in Junior High in Pre-Algebra class.

She/He has probably forgotten a lot of what she/he has learned then, but a quick review is most likely all that is necessary for her/him to do well on these questions. The 30-question quiz below will allow your child to quickly identify what she/he needs to focus on.

She/He can also go directly to the review age to go over the main Pre-Algebra skills. If you remember your child struggled in that class, the online worksheets linked from our review page will give her/him the extra practice she/he needs.

Students: Take our Pre-Algebra Quiz to identify your weaknesses in pre-algebra.Pre-Algebra problems represent 20-25% of the ACT Math score so it is essential to be well prepared. You learned these concepts in Pre-Algebra class.

How does it work? The Pre-Algebra Quiz consists of 33 questions. Answer as many as you feel comfortable doing so and click on Correct my quiz. You will get a page (that you can print) that will show, for each incorrect answer, your answer, the actual answer and the section to review. There is a lot of websites out there explaining math concepts, and the post “ACT Math – Pre-Algebra Review” will direct you to online resources for each of the section you should review. You can retake the quiz when you are ready to work on the questions you skipped.

To take another CollegeGuide4Parents’ quiz, check the complete list at the bottom of this post.


Note: Want to the review before finishing the quiz? Go to post ACT Math – Pre-Algebra Review



Pre-Algebra Quiz

Question\ 1.\ Which\ are\ multiples\ of\ 6?
1, 3, 6
6, 12, 18
6, 9, 12
2, 3
4, 5, 6 » Read more